Thane Grum Grimsson

Dwarven emissary from Karak Azgaraz.


Thane Grum Grimsson almost always wears his families ceremonial armor. It is golden and bright with ornate carvings all over it. He has fashioned a way for his hair to stick out the top just like it was when he was a trollslayer but he trys to cover all his blue tattoos. In contrast to the bright green of his right eye, he has a long scar over his left eye and that eye is milky white. You doubt that it works.
He also always has his giant hammer with him. This hammer is at least a foot taller than he is when stood up and you think that not many could actually lift it. You also think it would be a bad idea to try in his presence…


Not many are still alive today that would know why the Grimsson clan were so shamed that they had to give up their nobility, wealth, and power. Some whisper of an assassination attempt on a powerful family while others speak of a secret and forbidden love affair with the king’s daughter. Some even say it was because of a simple accounting error but the fact remains that all the Grimsson’s were forced to become trollslayers in an attempt to earn back at least some honor in a brutal death.

The battle-march of the Grimssons is a very well known story among the dwarfs. The entire family ventured out looking for death and only one came back. Well, he was found under a decapitated Demon, mostly dead, with his family torn to shreds around him… but he came back in almost one piece. He had lost the use of his left eye and was covered in wounds but he had lived…barely. Maybe it was because he was one of the youngest in his family or he just had the iron will to not die when he should have…no one knows. A group of slayers dying together is nothing new to the dwarfs. What made the story so impossible and memorable for them is the fact that Grum Grimsson was rewarded with his title of Thane once again. This just does not happen. Grum and The King may be the only dwarfs to truly know why…

Now Thane Grum is trying to rebuild his families lost honor and wealth. Even though he has his title back some dwarfs are still wary of him. They do not understand how such a thing happened. Thane Grum has been shunned by most of the reputable families in the land for even they understand some of the complicated dwarf politics and they can not lose their already existing contracts. Now, Grum has been forced to try and make a deal with the Sigmarssohn family who is one of the lowest ranking families in all of The Empire. He is hoping they can become very rich, and very powerful, together…

Thane Grum Grimsson

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