Basic Knowledge

The following items are generally known to be true throughout most of the Empire

The appearance of Morrslieb in the night sky is an omen of pain and sorrow to come.

Dwarfs can smell gold

Salt thrown in the eye of a daemon will drive the beast away.

A shoe thrown by a horse can ward off a witch.

Necromancers must be nailed to a tree and burnt, lest their spirit wander and possess folk. The tree must be uprooted and destroyed after the burning.

If you die drunk, you will not rest in your grave and must be buried inside a keg of ale.

Beastmen will run awayif you shout loudly and wave a flaming torch at them.

No firewood should be chopped during the evil crescent, when Morrslieb is waxing, as it goes out quickly.

White sails are a sign of bad luck coming.

Touching a Dwarf during a thunderstorm will protect you from lightning.

A wicker pyre containing a living person can stave off the plague.

Elves die when all their hair is shaved off.

Stewed foot of a halfling brings great fortune to all who eat the stew.

Those who work in the woods will never be rich or old.

Bad children are often carried off in the night by ratmen.

Put a bowl of soup with a shoe in it before someone. If they laugh, they are possessed.

A stake through the heart will prevent a corpse from rising.

Metal, particularly iron, protects against magic.

If you grieve loudly for the dead, they will not be able to rest,and will likely come back to complain about it.

It is unlucky to sew or patch something while still wearing it.

Dwarfs cannot burn, but they can be melted by extreme heat.

Basic Knowledge

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