Businesses in Altdorf

Pit Fighting and Arenas

While fighting in public will bring the Watch, private establishments are free to host fighting matches. There are dozens of places where one can bet or take part in a variety of blood sports. Participants assume the risk and deaths are not uncommon, even in the less bloody events like boxing matches. The following list focuses on the major locations throughout the city.

Kussman’s Slaughter House
Features a large, raised arena in an old warehouse near the Fischmarkt in Niederhafen Bezirk. Boisterious crowd every night sees hand-to-hand fights.

The Hat and Cane Club
Large manor house near the South Gate in the Palast Bezirk. Features a small fighting pit and arena seating. Used mainly by gentlemen for dueling and boxing, but features occasional more deadly exhibitions.

Wilhelm’s Martial Circus
Group fights and exhibitions held in an open air corral normally filled with livestock. Located north of the University in the Friedwang Bezirk. Frequented by both students and merchants.

The Raging Beast
Sprawling tavern near the docks in the Reikerbhan. Features three small pits used for a variety of blood sports. The fighting occasionally spills out of the pits into the tavern itself.

The Better Man Club
A gentleman’s boxing and dueling club in a converted warehouse in the Oberhausen Bezirk.

The Green Light Tavern
A seedy tavern in the Drecksack that features a decrepit fighting pit and a shady reputation.

The Reiksbear
A small tavern near the Fuhrmarkt in the Bankbezirk. Features a mangy, toothless bear named Old Toby that has been known to beat all comers in wrestling. There is a fighting ring on the ground floor and seating in the balcony.

Businesses in Altdorf

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