Character Generation


Your character will begin the game as a retainer of House Sigmarsohn based in Altdorf, the capitol of the Empire. Baron Heinrich von Grunberg led his regiment off to the front some six months ago, leaving his scheming nephews, Klaus and Malachi, behind to hold the family manor in Altdorf and his daughter Ingrid to rule in his stead in the town on Grunberg, some days ride south.

You’ll decide how important your position is to the House and, to whom you owe loyalty, and how loyal you really are, as well as some other details as you go along.

But you’ll need to begin with the basics of a Race and a Career, and then generate your characteristic scores, wealth, skills, talents and actions. If you’ve got your own copy of the rulebook, you’ll be creating a basic career then choosing a second career, probably an advanced career, that will represent your position in House Sigmarsohn.

Step 1: Choose Character Race

Your character can be a Reiklander (human) or a Dwarf.

Reiklander Characters
To reflect their upbringing and individuality, Reiklander characters have the following racial abilities:

  • Adaptable: Career transitions for Reiklanders cost one less advance, which may reduce a career transition to zero advances
  • Diversity: At character creation, Reiklanders begin with 25 creation points
  • Favoured by Fate: Once per session, a Reiklander may add two fortune dice (2 white six-siders) to any single check
  • Wound Threshold: 9 + Toughness rating

Azgaraz Dwarves
To reflect their fierce spirit and proud traditions, Karak Azgaraz dwarf characters have the following racial abilities:

  • Children of Grungni: During character creation, a Karak Azgaraz dwarf may train one of the following basic skills – Discipline, Resilience, or Weapon Skill
  • Grudge: A Karak Azgaraz dwarf gains one fortune dice (white six-sider) to all Melee Attack and Ranged Attack actions against Greenskins, and against any target that has wounded him. This bonus lasts until the end of the encounter
  • Sturdy: A Karak Azgaraz dwarf adds 5 to his encumbrance limit
  • Night Vision: Two fewer misfortune (black six-sider) dice are added to a dwarf ’s dice pool for any effects from darkness or lack of sufficient light
  • Wound Threshold: 10 + Toughness rating

Step 2: Choose Careers

Advanced Careers

  • Judicial Champion (prior career: combat related)
  • Scholar: An especially well educated and learned individual
  • Disciple (prior career: initiate): A holy, devoted individual with growing abilities to work blessings
  • Acolyte (prior career: apprentice wizard): A developing wizard gaining more confidence with his powers
  • Physician: A skilled chirurgeon with specialized training in the healing arts
  • Merchant: A trader working directly for House Sigmarsohn
  • Charlatan: An unscrupulous con artist, conniver and ne’er-do-well who has ensconced himself into the workings of House Sigmarsohn
  • Assassin: A stealthy killer bound to House Sigmarsohn
  • Witch Hunter: A witch hunter who is attached to House Sigmarsohn for reasons to be determined later
  • Seer: a talented augur with a powerful sense of intuition and foresight
  • Investigator: A perceptive individual who can get to the bottom of things
  • Chamberlain: An organized and sociable individual with ties to high society
  • Master Thief: The greatest of thieves, somehow tied to House Sigmarsohn
  • Knight: Likely a wounded veteran sent back from the front to recuperate.
  • Captain: Likely a wounded veteran sent back from the front to recuperate.
  • Sergeant: Likely a wounded veteran sent back from the front to recuperate.
  • Demagogue: An opinionated individual with a silver tongue
  • Thane (Dwarf only): A noble dwarf leader and skilled warrior
  • Giant Slayer (Dwarf only, prior career – Troll Slayer): a formidable dwarf warrior
  • Master Engineer (Dwarf only, prior career – Dwarf Engineer) : A dwarf who has mastered the secrets of engineering
  • Runesmith (Dwarf only, prior career – Apprentince Runesmith): A dwarf who has mastered the basics of runesmithing

Basic Careers
For about ten years before the campaign begins, your character was occupied in a basic career, something that led to his current position and status. You’ll pick the one that suits your concept and gain all of the advancements for that class to account for his previous experience, before applying the changes from the advanced class. Some advanced classes have specific prerequisite basic classes. In other cases, you’ll choose one that makes logical sense.


See the Characteristics page for details about characteristics.

Reiklanders begin play character generation with scores of 2 in all six characteristics. Dwarves begin with 3s in Strength and Toughness, and 2s in the rest. You’ll be able to improve them as character generation proceeds.

Other Questions.

And yes, you need to answer these for me!

Where are you From?
This is the most fundamental question for your character. Are you from a big city, like Altdorf, or a tiny farming hamlet? If you’re a dwarf, are you karak-born, or from an outlying community or hold?

What is Your Family Like?
Please describe your family. Names and ages of parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, children and perhaps some important aunts, uncles and cousins. Note whether they’re alive or deceased. For names, see the Names page.

Who do you Love/Hate?
Love and hate are the strongest of emotions. What place do they have in your life? Are you in love with someone? On the flipside, who do you hate and why? Vengeance is a strong motivation and often linked to hatred. You may hate individuals (such as your enemies) or whole classes of people or creatures. If your wife was slain by Beastmen, for example, you might hate them above all other foes. Perhaps an unscrupulous bailiff caused your family to lose its home and now you are convinced that all nobles are crooks and scoundrels.

Character Generation

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