Districts South of the Reik

Overreik (Upper District)

Amtsbezerik (Office District)

  • Tower of Altdorf
  • Light College
  • Imperial Courthouse

Palast (Palace District)

  • Amber College
  • Celestial College
  • Temple of Morr
  • Sigmarssohn Mansion

Imperial Palace

Tempelplatz (Sigmar’s Cathedral)

  • Great Temple and Cathedral of Sigmar
  • Palace of the Grand Theognoist

Domplatz (Temple District)

  • Templegarten
  • Collegium Sigismundae


  • College of Heraldry

Reikmarkt (Market District)

Suderich (Southern District)

  • Hospice Priory of Shallya
  • Graustein Keep
  • Collegium Medicinae

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Districts South of the Reik

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