Imperial Calendar

Hexenstag (Witching Day/New Year’s Day)
Nachhexen (After-Witching/January) 32 days
Jahrdrung (Year-Turn/February) 33 days
Mitterfruhl (Mid-Spring/Spring Equinox)
Pflugzeit (Plough Month/March) 33 days
Sigmarzeit (Sigmar Month/April) 33 days
Sommerzeit (Summer Month/May) 33 days
Sonstill (Sun Still/Summer Solstice)
Vorgeheim (Fore-Mystery/June) 33 days
Geheimnistag (Mystery Day/Day of Mystery)
Nachgeheim (After-Mystery/July) 32 days
Erntzeit (Harvest Month/August) 33 days
Mittherbst (Mid-Autumn/Autumn Equinox)
Brauzeit (Brew Month/September) 33 days
Kaldezeit (Chill Month/October) 33 days
Ulriczeit (Ulric Month/November) 33 days
Mondstill (World Still/Winter Solstice)
Vorhexen (Fore-Witching/December) 33 days

An Imperial week lasts eight days.

  1. Wellentag (Work day)
  2. Aubentag (Levy day)
  3. Marktag (Market day)
  4. Backertag (Bake day)
  5. Bezahltag (Tax day)
  6. Konistag (King day)
  7. Angestag (Start week)
  8. Festag (Holiday)

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Imperial Calendar

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