Pancratus Family

Baron Leopold Pancratus (b. 2451)
Baron Leopold is the 70 year old scion of House Pancratus, an older, established Altdorf noble fmaily. Leopold is frail and sickly, but his mind is still sharp and his desire for vengeance against the Sigmarssohn’s knows no bounds. His eldest son and grandson were both executed with Baron Ferdinand Sigmarssohn, who had been one of Leopold’s closest allies in Altdorf until he and his confederates were exposed by his own son Frederic in 2516. The scandal threw house Pancratus into disrepute and cost them a fortune in mercantile contracts.

Giselle Sigmarssohn (b. 2455, m. 2472, d. 2473) Second cousin to Baron Ferdinand Sigmarssohn, died in childbirth at age 18.

  • Leopold (b. 2473, d. 2516)
    Leopold Pancratus was executed at the age of 43 alongside Baron Ferdinand Sigmarssohn for heresy, treason and other crimes. His eldest son Leopold was also executed. The younger son Leomund was released from prison in 2520 after serving a four year sentence for assaulting a Templar of Sigmar during his father’s trial. Leopold’s wife Maria Leibland returned to her family after Leopold’s execution.

Cordelia Weidmaren (b. 2457, m. 2477, d. 2482)

  • Lissa (b. 2478, m. 2499, w. 2516)
    Lissa was married to the eldest son of the Gerlbach family, minor nobility. Errold Gerlbach was executed as part of the Sigmarssohn Conspiracy. She and her surviving three children live in Gerlbach.
  • Leofard (b. 2480)
    41-year-old Leofard is his father’s heir, but not well loved by his father. A brooding, taciturn man, Leofard is deeply involved in the family’s business affairs. His only son
  • Lisabetha (b. 2482)
    Lisabetha’s mother never recovered from her birth, and Lisabetha herself appears to have taken on the stigma of her mother’s cruel death. Bent and stopped with prematurely grey hair, she’s a spinster and is now one of her father’s closest confidants.

Eyalau Gertismon (b. 2467, m 2487, d. 2493)

  • Lilla (b. 2488)
    Lilla avoided marriage by becoming a priestest of Shallya at the age of 18, a plan that infuriated her father.

Tangine Hupemann (b. 2479, m. 2497)
Youthful even at 42, Tangine has become the most visible member of the Pancratus family, the sole socialite from an otherwise disreputable house.

  • Leobing (b. 2497)
    An intelligent young man with no martial interest whatsoever, Leobing was forced by his father to become an initiate of Sigmar in 2516 in order to offset the scandal. Five years later, Leobing is still a minor initiate at the Temple.
  • Leomahn (b. 2499)
    Unlike his brother, Leomahn is a talented and tenacious warrior, most recently becoming a Knight and riding off with the army.

Pancratus Family

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