Sigmarsohn Family

Ferdinand (b. 2442 d. 2516)

The Baron Ferdinand was executed in 2516 by the Templars of Sigmar for heresy and other crimes. His son Frederic avoided total disaster by making an agreement with the Templars which included having a Witch Hunter in the household to observe the family’s penitent behavior.

Frederic (b. 2465)
Ferdinand’s first born, Frederic was not his father’s favorite, but was duteous and devout nonetheless. When his father was accused of heresy, Frederic famously distanced himself from the Baron and proclaimed that the Sigmarssohn family would accept the justice of the Templars of Sigmar. Many believe he made a deal that saved the entire family from exile and disgrace, but some revile him for turning his back on his popular father.

Anabeta Liebland (b. 2477 d 2506) Married 2489
       - Died in childbirth; the child, a boy, also died.
     Franz Frederic (b. 2490 d.2511)
       - Franz choked to death on a turtle bone during his wedding reception.
     Karl Frederic (b. 2492 d.????)
       - Charming and outgoing, Karl disappeared with a troop of cavalry in the Great Forest in 2510.
     Helga (b. 2494)
     Hengra (b. 2496)
     Holga (b. 2497)
     Bolta (b. 2499)

Ilsa Nordgrinsohn (b. 2490) Married 2506
     Frederic “Freddie” (b. 2507)*

Klaus (b. 2466 d.2474)
       Died in a tragic riding accident.

Henreid (b. 2471)
     Halas (b. 2493)
     Ingrid (b. 2496)
     Anabeta (b. 2503)

Katerina (b. 2474)

Lothar (b. 2478)

Sigmarsohn Family

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