The Most Recognized Names in Altdorf

Karl Franz

Imperial Council of State

  • Grand Theogonist Esmer III (religion)
  • Count Sigfried von Walfen, Chancellor of the Reikland (spymaster)
  • Supreme Patriarch Balthasar Gelt (magic)
  • Amadeus Mencken, Baron of Sirgau, Chamberlain of the Seal (foreign minister)
  • Reiksmarshall Kurt Hellborg, Emperor’s Military Advisor
  • Lotte Hochsvoll, Baroness of Stimmeswald, Chancellor of the Imperial Treasury
  • Lector Agatha von Bohrn of the Cult of Verena, Supreme Law Lord
  • Arne Damstadt, Duke of Heilborn, Chamberlain of the Imperial Household

The Electors
Averland – Contested
Hochland – Count Aldebrand Ludenhof
Middenland – Count Boris Todbringer
Moot – Hisme Stoutheart
Nordland – Count Theoderic Gausser
Ostermark – Count Wolfram Hertwig
Ostland – Count Valmir von Raukov
Reikland – Emperor Karl Franz
Stirland – Count Alberich Haupt-Anderssen
Talabecland – Count Halmut Feuerbach
Wissenland – Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
Grand Theogonist – Esmer III
Arch Lector – Kasmir XI
Arch Lector – Thorgad IV
Ar-Ulric – Valgeir

The Most Recognized Names in Altdorf

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