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The Incursion has become an Invasion. The Emperor Karl Franz has fallen in battle on the frontier and his armies have been routed. Middenheim and Talabheim are under siege by the forces of Chaos. And the factions of Altdorf turn to you to protect them.

But, who can you trust in these dark times?

Set six months after Warhammer: Hammer Fall, this new campaign will feature more powerful characters (advanced careers) confronting agents of chaos in a backdrop of political intrigue and deadly conflict. There will be a fairly equal mix of combat and social encounters.

The campaign will use the WFRP 3e rules, and prior experience with any flavor of Warhammer is not needed. I intend to run games in this campaign once a month, ideally on the third Saturday of the month, but I’m flexible about that and willing to work out a time/place that’s best for the majority of those interested.

If you think you even might be interested, please RSVP “attending” on the Atlanta D&D meetup group so the game will appear on the Home page there for everyone to see.

Warhammer: The Rise of Chaos

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